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Smart Cars Go All Electric

So it appears that Daimler, owner of such brand names as Mercedes and Smart, decided to make all their US Smart Cars electric-only starting in 2018! This is good news for business owners looking to have electric company cars! Here are some key points for getting these kinds of tiny cars for your business: Smart…

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Step 5 – Launch Your Website

Now that your website is ready, launch your website! Tell people about your website, starting with your family and friends. However, how your website does with strangers is a true gauge of how your website is doing overall. Here are some ideas to promote your new website: Setup, at a minimum, a FaceBook profile for…

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Step 4.5 – Design Tips for Beaver Builder

Before launch, we have some effective design tips that we’ve used across over the years. We use a plugin called Beaver Builder to build nearly all of our websites. It makes websites easier to design and faster to bring a website to fruition.  You can visit them here. Here are some tips for Beaver Builder: Keep…

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