Now that your website is ready, launch your website!

Tell people about your website, starting with your family and friends. However, how your website does with strangers is a true gauge of how your website is doing overall.

Here are some ideas to promote your new website:

  • Setup, at a minimum, a FaceBook profile for your business and mention on your LinkedIn account your affiliation with your new website.
  • Announce to the world through your FaceBook, twitter, Google +, or any other social network of choice that your website is ready and to go to it!
    • Consider advertising on FaceBook. As of early 2017, advertising this way is the hotness!
  • Sign up to go to various networking groups
    • Consider being a presenter at a networking group
  • Sign up to your Chamber of commerce
    • Consider becoming a business consultant for entrepeneur classes (this is a great idea if your city offers this)
  • Join your local Rotary club, volunteer, network, and offer your services
  • Contact your business consultants and ask for advice and direction! That’s what business consultants do for a living!
  • Contact a marketing consultant to assist in marketing. Some consultants also do cold calling if you need it.
  • Have a stand-out or unique business card to give to people at any event
    • Always have business card on you when you’re out and about to give hand out. Always.
  • Consider an affiliate system to help other people sell your product for you in exchange for some the profit.
    • Lifetime affiliate commission for the life of a customer are very lucrative for potential affiliates, particuarly if it’s over %20 recurring commission.
    • A one time High affiliate commission is also very lucrative for potential affiliates
  • Create some ‘rack’ cards with tips on something your website is about. Then point out your website on the cards to get more information.

Good Luck!


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