Step 3 – Install Your Website

Installing your website on AISO is easy:

After you sign up and receive your welcome email, following your welcome email intructions, log into your account:

You can access your web-hosting service from the menu under ‘Services’ -> ‘My Services’:

Before you can install your website, you need to make sure you either pointed your existing domain name to your web-host account or bought one from AISO, both of which should have been done in the prior step.

  1. You then click anywhere on your service within the box or the green ‘Active’ box (but not the link). This will bring up the ‘Manage Product’ page
    • After clicking the active button, this next page is where you can get all the information you need for your website as well as setup various aspects of your web-hosting like email accounts or add additional websites (you get 10 to 20 WordPress websites per account, as per how many databases you get with account), etc.
  2. Click on the ‘Auto Install Applications’ link among the list of settings.
    • For our purposes, we’ll be installing WordPress, the most popular and widely used content management system out there. The biggest and smallest of companies use WordPress for their website and/or blog.
  3. Click on ‘WordPress’ in the second section of this ‘Auto Install Applactions’ page
    • It’s under ‘Apps for Content Management’, you see ‘WordPress’ as the first choice.
  4. Click on ‘Install this Application’ near the top right of the page.
  5. Leave most of the settings default, except MAKE SURE YOU KNOW your administrator username and password!
    • Make sure that’s your correct domain, and don’t install it in a directory.
    • Under the ‘Settings’ section, make sure you remember or write down your username
      • Then click ‘Show Password’ and remember or write down that password.
    • You can turn off ‘Two-factor Authentication’ with Clef not enabled for now.
  6. Click the ‘Install’ button. Then Log into your website.
    • It will process and install the website for you.
    • It will allow you to log into your website after it is complete.

If you ever need to log back into your website, you can find type your log-in link like this (replace in your domain name as appropriate) into your web-browser:

The key is that /wp-login.php right after your domain name.

In our next section, we’ll customize your website!

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