Step 4.5 – Design Tips for Beaver Builder

Before launch, we have some effective design tips that we’ve used across over the years.

We use a plugin called Beaver Builder to build nearly all of our websites.

It makes websites easier to design and faster to bring a website to fruition.  You can visit them here.

Here are some tips for Beaver Builder:

  • Keep plenty of spacing between your elements. It makes it easier to read and less cluttered. Check out the difference between these two images. Which one is easier to read?:
  • Make sure at the top of your page (above the fold), you state the main intention of your website in the least amount of words as possible while remaining descriptive. You may find yourself fine tuning this first message the visitor sees many times.
    • If you have a special guide or product, why not put a button or link to it right under the description of your website’s intention.
  • Use animations if possible of different page elements. They make your website ‘pop’ as you scroll down the page and adds that extra magic.
  • On a home page, divide amounts of text for any features of a product or service into their basic idea. Then make a collapsible section with these main ideas, like so:
  • Make text easier to read and get through. Don’t write chunks of paragraphs if you can avoid it. This also applies to email newsletters.
  • Put your least looked at pages (like your legal pages) links in the footer of every page. Your about, affiliate, or contact us pages are fine here too.
  • Pictures do wonders! Have some related pictures to break up text if possible. Particularly useful with blog posts.
  • If your website is solar powered, mention that it is! We tend to put mention it in the footer of our websites.
  • Neon colors. What? no.

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