Moving your website

This is a (super) short post on moving your website to a sustainable host, in particular, our webhost of choice, AISO. (But this may apply to other hosts as well, you’ll have to ask these other hosts.)

To move a site with, you need the following:

  • website domain name
  • your cpanel username and password (or the login information to the control panel of your website, not your CMS/Wordpress login)

After you have this information, if you haven’t already, sign up for a plan:

  1. Find out how to sign up with this page of our guide
  2. After you sign up and receive your welcome email, following your welcome email intructions, log into your account:
  3. When you’re logged in,¬†open a ticket with support and let them know that you want to migrate your old website.
    • You’ll want to give them them your website domain name and your control panel login information in order for them to do the migration for you.

That’s it! They do have a migration guide, particularly if you do it manually, but if their support does it for you, there may be less need for their migration guide.

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