Step 2 – Get a Sustainable Host

Finding a Sustainable web-host could be difficult. There are technically only a handful of web-hosts that are directly powered by sustainable energy on their property as opposed to having purchased Renewable Energy Certificates/Credits from Certificate Marketers.

It may be hard to find the real sustainable gems from the pseudo ones. We took the hard work out of that for you and are recommending the web-host we, ourselves, use exclusively. is the web-host we use and the one we suggest you use. We’ve used a variety of their different types of hosting services and they offer many highly useful technical and security features that very few web-hosts provide. Their customer service is always helpful, reasonably quick, knowledgeable, and consistent. We like this web-host enough that we became an affiliate.

AISO, Solar web host

And best of all, is powered by on-site solar panels that you can observe live on their website. We don’t know of any other web-host that does this except them.

Ready. Set. GO! –

  1. Visit Clicking here will get you there.
    • Click link above to show a 50% off coupon to use when you purchase. Please note this affiliate disclaimer- we’re an affiliate for We don’t get much per person referred, but if this guide helps you out in any way, please consider signing up through our links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and we’ll throw in a ‘50% off first month’ coupon we’ve arranged with as a bonus for coming from our website! (if you don’t see the coupon above, click the link above again to make it show.)
  2. In the top menu, Navigate to ‘Hosting’ and click ‘Shared Hosting’.
    • We specifically recommend you go with shared hosting if you’re a small business. These are considered the norm in the web-hosting world and are the most affordably priced.
  3. Pick a plan based on your budget and what you need in web space.
    • Keep in mind that the lower price displayed in larger font is for those that decide to sign up for 3 years right off the bat, otherwise, we suspect most people would go for the monthly price.
    • Accounts come with reliable email access and accounts for use with your email readers (like Microsoft Outlook) or through an online interface. You can also make unlimited email accounts as long as you don’t fill up your alloted space.
    • If you don’t know anything about ‘Linux’, no worry’s. You don’t really need to know anything about Linux to use a web-hosting account.
    • Here is why they don’t say the word ‘unlimited’ on any of their plans- it’s because other web-hosts ‘oversell’ and AISO doesn’t. You can learn more about it here, straight from them. In the purchase process, you can add more space as you wish.
    • As a note, AISO doesn’t mention this, but all accounts (Linux 1, 2, & 3) are sped up via a server technique called caching. ‘Linux 3’ plan has a little extra which is slightly faster web-server software and the caching. All of this would be transparent to you as a client and usually costs extra with other web-hosting providers.
  4. Pick your domain name if you haven’t yet.
    • After you click a ‘Order Now’ button, you’ll be prompted to pick a domain name. There are all the options you need regarding domain names:
      • “Register a new domain” allows you to check (and do some research) to see if your name is available. Remember, the lowest cost and most common domain names come in with the ‘.com’, ‘.org’, or ‘.net’ at the end of your domain name.
      • “Transfer your domain from another registrar” is for if you want to transfer your domain name to to handle. You can a do this if you want to manage your domain name in one place- the’s control panel.
      • “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” is for those people who do not want to transfer their domain name to AISO. We prefer this method for ourselves as we have many names with our domain registrar. Be sure to type in your domain name dot extension (i.e. type in ‘com’ if you have a ‘.com’ domain)
  5. Configure your options.
    • When you get to this step, you can see your plan laid out, to include your billing cycle (3 years advanced pay is cheapest at $6.25/month), and more. In our opinion, you do not need to change any of the options except maybe the billing cycle if you so desire.
    • If you went through our link (here), you can apply our Promo Code for 25% in the next section: XXXXXXXXXXXX
  6. Final Check out
    1. Click checkout after you apply a Promo code.

The next step is here.

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